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Ikaho・Shima Onsen Area

Transfer ticketMaebashi Station〜Shibukawa Station〜Ikaho Onsen

About the Maebashi Station 〜 Ikaho Onsen discount ticket

Discount ticket limited to foreign visitors that can be used conveniently for direct transfer to Ikaho Onsen from the Narita Airport bus going to Maebashi Station South Exit. The ticket allows the holder to board and alight the bus freely between Ikaho Green Bokujo and Ikaho Onsen.

Return One way
¥1,500 ¥1,000
Valid for 3 days Valid for the day

Applicable areas

Maebashi Station North Exit
Shibukawa Station (bus transfer)
  • IK
Ikaho Green Bokujo
  • IK
Mizusawa Iriguchi Visitor Center
  • IK
Bukkozan Hosuiji
  • IK
Ikaho Onsen
  • IK
Ikaho Harunakuchi
  • IK

【Express bus】 Narita Airport → Maebashi Station

Bus stop map

  • Shibukawa Station
  • Maebashi Station

How to purchase and use the pass

Sales locations
  • Maebashi Station Bus Information Center

*Present your passport to purchase the tickets.
*Specify whether the ticket is for one way or return travel.
*Credit cards cannot be used.
*When buying a one-way ticket from Ikaho Onsen, purchase the ticket from the driver of the bus you are taking.

How to make use of the pass
【Buses that can be taken】Please take the buses marked with a 「KAN-ETSU」 or 「KKK」 logo on their bodies.
【When boarding】Please take a boarding ticket.
【When alighting】Place the boarding ticket that you took when boarding the bus into the box and show the driver your ticket before alighting.

Points to note

  • Each pass can only be used by one person.
  • If you do not show your pass or if you have lost your pass, the normal fare will apply.
  • Normal fares apply when you take the buses outside of the applicable areas.
  • No refunds will be given after the use of the pass.
  • Passes will not be re-issued when lost.
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